The 6 Best WooCommerce Store Locator Plugins for Boosting Offline Sales

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What about offline sales?

It seems the web is full of great eCommerce solutions, but what if you want to help your online visitors buy in-person?

That’s the perfect reason to add a store finder plugin to your site, and there are no better options than the plugins included here.

These store locator plugins for WooCommerce have all the features and design options you could ever want. They are easy for visitors to use, adapt well to mobile devices, and include CSV import options to add all your stores quickly.

All you need to do is pick out your favorite.

Best Store Locator Plugins for WooCommerce

Only the best plugins made it into this list.

Every solution listed below has fantastic customer ratings and an excellent variety of options. They’re also up-to-date with recent releases.

Here are the top picks for the best WooCommerce store finder plugins.

  • 1. YITH Store Locator

    YITH Store Locator plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The YITH Store Locator plugin can build a robust portal to help visitors find a store location.

    The store finder includes a search bar, a list of all your locations, and a live Google Maps embed showing where each store is located. It’s easy enough for visitors to browse the map and list of locations, but there’s also a button they can click to find the closest store using their current location.

    When a visitor finds the closest store, they’re presented with directions and contact info, making it easy to reach out for more info. Additionally, there’s a filtering tool that lets them search by extra criteria, like locations with free parking or toilets.

    As the store owner, it’s easy to set up locations through the plugin menu. There’s even a CSV import option that makes adding numerous stores simple. Lastly, you can create a unique landing page for each store location so they’re all well-represented on your website.

    When it comes to a store locator, there’s not much else you could ask for. Click the link below to learn more about the YITH Store Locator plugin.

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  • 2. WordPress Store Locator

    WordPress Store Locator plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This plugin tops the list because of its incredible flexibility and great style. The store locator itself looks awesome, so make sure to click the button above to get a look at the live demo.

    With the WordPress Store Locator plugin, you can create a list of all your different store locations from the admin menu. You can give each store its own street address, contact number, and email address. Once you’ve added your stores, you can focus on the locator itself.

    The locator will display a Google Maps embed and automatically get the visitor’s location to show them nearby stores. It will list all of your store locations in the left sidebar, including contact info and a link to its full page. Visitors can click in the sidebar or click on a pin in the map embed to see more. They can zoom and scroll around the map since all of the regular Google Map’s features are available. You can even create custom markers for your stores.

    The search filtering options are excellent in this plugin too. Besides searching by proximity, visitors can also check boxes for specific qualities that you get to define. For instance, you could add “free parking” or “restroom” as an option for each of your stores or dealers. You would then fill out this info in the admin menu, and then visitors could use this to filter their search on your site.

    You can link to your store locator anywhere you’d like on your site, but this plugin also includes a neat WooCommerce integration. You have the option to enable a “Find in store” button to all your product pages. This can help drive offline sales, which may be necessary for your eCommerce business.

    If you want an excellent solution to help people find the nearest store, this map search plugin will work well.

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  • 3. Store Locator

    Store Locator WC plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This user-friendly store location finder plugin is surprisingly customizable. The default styles are simple, but you can change the fonts, borders, and backgrounds. There are also nine different color schemes to choose from for the map itself, and you can display your map using the roadmap, satellite, or hybrid view style. The store locator is also mobile-friendly, adapting seamlessly to smaller screen sizes.

    Adding stores manually doesn’t take long if you’ve just got a few to enter, but it quickly gets tedious if you have many. Luckily, the Store Locator plugin includes an option to import your store data via CSV, which handles the process near-instantly. The import lets you skip manually, adding opening hours, store addresses, and phone numbers.

    Most store location plugins only work with Google Maps, but this plugin also includes compatibility for OpenStreetMap if you’d prefer not to use Google Maps.

    Store Locator is available from the official WooCommerce extensions marketplace, making it a reliable choice for a WooCommerce site.

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  • 4. Store Locator (Google Maps) for WordPress

    Store Locator For WordPress

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    Plugin Description

    The Store Locator for WordPress plugin is insanely customizable. As a minimalist fan, I didn’t include it at the top because the other plugins are easier to use in comparison. That said, if you want flexibility and functionality, nothing else on the market comes close to the Store Locator for WordPress plugin.

    This advanced store locator plugin includes three templates that completely transform the look of the store locator. You’ll have to click the button above to see for yourself. Regardless of which template you choose, all the color and style options are still available.

    The user’s location is used to automatically display the closest stores, which all have a pin on the embedded map. There are tons of back-end controls for customizing every single aspect of the map. You won’t find it lacking in customizations, but let’s talk about some features that set this plugin apart.

    Store Locator for WordPress includes a time switch option that allows visitors to display only stores that are currently open. There’s a Map Customization option that lets you draw and save geometric shapes on the map. Visitors can get directions and routes from their homes to any of your stores directly in the store finder. The advanced search filters include zip code search and custom fields. It also allows you to add store categories and include map markers based on those categories. You can even group pins by category, and visitors can search for stores by category. And on top of all this, you can markers with custom icons and auto-group them into clusters when they’re displaying very close together.

    Overall, it’s incredibly feature-rich and capable of building a store finder for any eCommerce website.

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  • 5. WP Store Locator

    WP Store Locator

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    Plugin Description

    If you want to save money and add a store locator to your website, you can use the free WP Store Locator plugin.

    The store locators added with this plugin aren’t as beautiful as some of the premium options, but the functionality works perfectly fine. You can add all your store locations and quickly embed the tool on your site.

    Using the built-in shortcodes, you can display your store finder on any page of your site. There isn’t a Gutenberg block available yet, but shortcodes work just as well.

    This plugin includes a good variety of options in the admin panel. You can choose a color for the marker pins, customize the map embed size, and customize various aspects of how the map controls.

    WP Store Locator has more advanced functionality available in its premium add-ons. For example, a CSV manager for bulk uploading and downloading stores, a store locator widget, and a statistics module that gives you insights like where searches are coming from (geographically).

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  • 6. Store Finder for WooCommerce

    Store Finder for WooCommerce

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    Plugin Description

    If you want a quick to set up solution, check out the Store Finder for WooCommerce plugin. This simple plugin stands out for its ease-of-use and high-quality integration with WooCommerce.

    As a plugin built specifically for WooCommerce, you can find its options added to a new tab within the WooCommerce settings page. You’ll enter your Google Maps API key (free and available with a Google account) and fill out a few other settings about the map embeds to get started.

    Once you’ve entered the necessary settings, you’ll move onto the product settings where you can enable a “Find in store” button to show up on all your product pages.

    To add a new store, you’ll find a WSL Stores menu under your Products menu. Creating a new store is a lot like adding a new product or blog post. You’ll add the street address, contact info, and a logo image, amongst other details. When you’re done, you can visit your products on the dashboard and select which stores they’re available in. This is one feature that makes this plugin different – it’s the only plugin that allows you to configure which stores specific products are available in. No other plugin connects products with the store locations like this.

    Store Finder doesn’t have as many customization options as some other plugins included here. Still, if you want a WooCommerce plugin for multiple store locations that include basic product availability functionality, this is your best option.

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Here’s a little more guidance.

The YITH Store Locator is probably the best choice for your site. It has tons of functionality and practical features. There’s little it can’t do.

If you want a robust option, try Store Locator (Google Maps) for WordPress.

Lastly, the Store Finder for WooCommerce plugin is the only one that lets you decide which products are available in each store. This feature could be helpful or add a lot of unnecessary work, depending on if you need it or not.

That should give you a better idea of which plugin to choose, and if you did find a great new store locator plugin for WooCommerce, please hit the share buttons below. We always appreciate the shares!

Thanks for reading!

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