Grow Your WordPress Business

Getting your WordPress plugin or theme in front of new buyers is hard, and we know that firsthand.

We’ve been grateful for having this platform to promote our own products, like Strive and Independent Analytics, and we’d like to help other WP creators reach a wider audience too.

We offer a handful of promotional services that can help.

List post placements

We have articles ranking the top solutions for hundreds of different niches. These articles are split into:

This is an excellent way to reach new buyers because the visitors that read these posts are actively looking for a new product.

If you’d like to get featured in one of these articles, we can place you in a top 3 position depending on the quality of your product and whether or not there is a position currently available.

We’ll create all the content, and you’ll get permanent inclusion in the article and a minimum of three months in a top 3 position.

Price: $150

Product-based tutorial

People don’t often read review articles for WordPress products, so it works much better to write a tutorial that shows your product solving a problem.

We can write an article that will showcase your product to readers that are currently looking to solve the problem it helps with.

For example, here is a tutorial about how to backup your website that involves the use of a plugin. We can write a similar article featuring a product of yours, complete with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Price: $350

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If you’d like to leverage our audience to get your WP product in front of more buyers, please get in touch via the contact form below.

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