The 6 Best WooCommerce SMS Plugins for Marketing Automation

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Emails are fine, but oftentimes, text messages are better.

When you send a customer an email notification, they might not see it for hours.

If you send a customer an SMS notification, they’ll most likely see it in five seconds. That’s a huge difference.

While you have to be careful with SMS alerts so that you don’t annoy people, when appropriate, this is one of the best ways eCommerce store owners can communicate with their customers.

SMS plugins for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce notification plugins outlined here let you manage automated SMS notifications straight from your WordPress dashboard.

All of them let you send automated texts to your customers (and yourself) whenever the status of an order is changed.

In addition, some of these plugins allow you to integrate with custom WooCommere order statuses so that you can alert customers when items are shipped, delivered, etc.

You’ll also find some more general marketing automation tools that work well with both email and SMS.

Here are my top picks for the best WooCommerce SMS plugins.

  • 1. CartBoss

    CartBoss plugin

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    Plugin Description

    CartBoss is an amazing plugin for boosting your eCommerce revenue. Here’s why.

    You’ve probably heard of cart abandonment and using email marketing to recover sales. That works well enough, but the open rate on emails hovers around 30%, and the engagement rate is greatly lower than that. What the folks at Cart Boss have found is that these same cart abandonment messages sent over text get opened 99% of the time and have a 37% click-through rate.

    When it comes to SMS vs email for cart recovery, there’s no question about which one works best. SMS gets a CTR that’s bigger than email’s open rate!

    Getting started with CartBoss is easy, and your first 500 SMS messages are free. Since CartBoss is a web app, you’ll login to a dashboard on their site where you can manage all your campaigns. After you get results with your first store, you’ll want to connect it to every WooCommerce shop you manage.

    You can click the link below to learn more and get started.

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  • 2. Twilio SMS Notifications

    Twilio SMS Notifications

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    Plugin Description

    The Twilio SMS Notifications plugin is a great way to send SMS messages with WooCommerce. This plugin integrates with Twilio where you can create a free account to handle the actual delivery of the text messages. But don’t worry, the plugin handles all the technical aspects for you.

    With this SMS plugin, you can send customers automated updates via text messages for when their order is processed, on hold, refunded, or completed just to name a few options. There’s also an option to manually type and send an SMS to a customer via your admin dashboard.

    If you also purchase the Order Status Manager plugin, you can create custom statuses like “Shipped” and send automated SMS messages for them too. The ability to create custom triggers for the text messages is what sets this plugin apart from the others.

    In addition to customer messaging, you can send yourself SMS messages whenever a sale is completed.

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  • 3. AutomateWoo


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    Plugin Description

    AutomateWoo can send SMS notifications and much more. This is a complete marketing automation suite for WooCommerce.

    With AutomateWoo, you select triggers and write custom messages when one of those triggers goes off. For instance, you can send a cart abandonment email after a customer leaves items in their cart for 24 hours without making a purchase.

    You can also email customers at set intervals to remind them about items on their wishlist, send them personalized coupons, and offer them discounts for leaving reviews on your website. While email marketing works just fine, you can use SMS messages instead of any or all of these marketing messages.

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  • 4. WooCommerce SMS/WhatsApp Notifications

    WooCommerce SMS/WhatsApp Notifications

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce SMS/WhatsApp Notifications is another option that is powered by the Twilio service.

    SMS notifications can be triggered by any of the following payment statuses:

    • Pending
    • Processing
    • On hold
    • Completed
    • Refunded
    • Failed

    For each status, you can choose to send a custom message to the customer and/or the site admin. For example, you might want to send a “thank you” message to a customer after a completed payment, and an alert to yourself when a payment fails.

    This WooCommerce SMS plugin can be used for WhatsApp too, but you will need a WhatsApp Business Profile to get an API key.

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  • 5. YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications

    YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications

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    Plugin Description

    YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications is another solid plugin for sending automated SMS notifications based on order status. It’s even more powerful when integrated with an order tracking plugin.

    This plugin will require you to have a “Phone” field at checkout and add a checkbox for customers to decide whether they want text message updates. You can optionally disable the checkbox and always send texts, but that could aggravate some customers.

    This plugin uses all the same order statuses as triggers that the other plugins in this list use, but it does include a few standout features that help separate it from competitors.

    You can use this plugin to automatically shorten links using either Google or bitly. It also allows admin texts to be sent to multiple phone numbers, includes a manual SMS option, and can be used for custom statuses create with the YITH Custom Order Status plugin.

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  • 6. SMS Alert Notifications

    SMS Alert Order Notifications

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    Plugin Description

    SMS Alert Notifications is a totally free plugin with a premium upgrade available for even more options.

    The free version has been well-received by the WordPress community and has earned more than a few five-star ratings.

    One really neat feature in this plugin is the ability to text your customers a “one-time password.” If they forget their password, this is a good way to let them regain access using their verified phone number.

    Otherwise, this plugin contains most of the same options for sending text messages to customers or the store admin based on the default order statuses provided by WooCommerce. There are also options for sending messages based on a product’s inventory levels. You may want to check out our collection of out-of-stock WooCommerce plugins for more inventory tracking tools.

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Which SMS plugin is best?

While any one of these plugins could work well for your WooCommerce store, the Twilio SMS Notifications plugin stood out as a straightforward solution.

I also want to highlight AutomateWoo which would be a better solution for any store owners looking for a more complete marketing toolkit. AutomateWoo will let you send both automated SMS and email notifications.

I hope you found this collection of WooCommerce SMS notification plugins helpful, and if you discovered a great new plugin for your site, then please consider sharing this article before you go.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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