5 Web Design Tips to Score More Sales and Paying Customers

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Web design can go a long way when it comes to turning window shoppers into high-paying, loyal customers.

It can captivate your site visitors, enhance your brand image, and make the overall buying experience an incredibly memorable one. This motivates customers to return, interact, and buy more products from your online store.

If you’re having trouble generating revenue and scoring more customers, it’s probably time for a site redesign. Follow these five tips.

1. Use an accessible WordPress theme

Web accessibility is among the modern site design elements you should integrate into your online store.

Doing so makes your website work well for visitors, including those with disabilities who may have difficulty using computers and reading content on the web.

If you didn’t know, 61 million adults in the US (26% of the country’s population) have some type of disability.

Not all website owners create sites that simplify all users’ access to online activities and content. (Website platforms aren’t usually accessible at the onset either.) As a result, they can only accommodate limited audiences.

Period theme
Period is one of our more popular accessible WordPress themes

If you make your site accessible, you can fulfill your digital responsibility of making the internet more inclusive. You can also experience good business benefits, e.g., content that’s better-optimized for search engines. You can even get a broader customer base plus increased sales and conversions, among others.

If you use WordPress, begin with accessible WordPress themes suited to your business type and branding. They have beautiful designs and intuitive layouts and are fairly affordable.

To bolster your website’s accessibility, pair those themes with accessibility overlays. These technologies can streamline the process of making your site accessible, and fill in gaps that the accessible theme may actually have.

2. Keep your design simple

A simple website design makes your online store look clean and professional. This impresses your customers and keeps their focus on profitable elements. It also prevents your site from slowing down, which can frustrate and repel your visitors.

To simplify your web design, avoid crowding your pages with numerous content types, widgets, and heavyweight banners and galleries.

Here are other ways to keep your website design simple:

  • Choose neat layouts with clearly defined sections
  • Use a simple WordPress theme
  • Use site structures with easy-to-follow navigational systems and visual patterns
  • Establish a recognizable visual connection between your website elements
  • Organize your menus
  • Use only the most relevant site elements

Have a straightforward checkout as well by:

  • Shortening the payment process
  • Gathering critical information only
  • Not requiring members to log in or guests to create accounts to complete the transaction, etc.

You can find some eCommerce themes here if you need an excellent design for your checkout page.

3. Display brand consistency

Be consistent with how you project your brand across your website (and other communication channels). Doing so demonstrates your trustworthiness, which is a crucial factor when customers decide which stores to patronize.

One way of displaying your brand consistency is by using the same company colors across your site elements and content.

Display your primary brand hues on prominent website areas and content materials. You can also play around with your secondary company colors for diversity. Ensure that the color combinations complement your overall site design.

Furthermore, you can create a brand page, like this one on Strive’s website to encourage other creators to use the proper colors and logos for your brand.

Strive Brand Assets

You should also use visuals matching your business classification. For instance, if you’re a WordPress user, and you sell coffee and run a restaurant, install coffee shop WordPress themes. Additionally, publish background images of coffee beans, café tables, cups of coffee beside plated desserts, etc.

Through these techniques, your site can showcase a definite theme that attracts customers with similar values and interests. As you keep doing this, you’ll eventually gain their trust and patronage.

4. Showcase social proof

Customers now want to guarantee that the purchase they’re about to make is worth their hard-earned money. They usually do this by checking out other people’s experiences of buying and using your product.

If they read mostly negative statements about you, they’ll withhold their money and move to your competitors. Conversely, if they hear tons of positive remarks, they’ll go ahead with their intended purchases from your store.

That is why you should showcase social proof on your website through testimonials and favorable reviews.

Exhibit your customers’ testimonials on the middle or lower part of your homepage. By putting them in those site areas, first-time visitors can instantly affirm that your products are high-quality. You can also convince them more quickly to get your offers.

Here’s how Pup Mom Crate displayed its testimonials:


Pup Mom Crate even showed logos of media outlets that featured its store:

Logo Social Proof

You can also publish customers’ high-star ratings and positive reviews on your homepage, product pages, or a dedicated page.

For example, NCLA Beauty displayed customer reviews on its product pages:

Customer Reviews

Automate the publication of these ratings and reviews with social proof tools to lessen your web design workload.

5. Install chatbots

Chatbots can engage your site visitors in meaningful sales dialogues.

They won’t execute hard-selling approaches but closely assist potential customers as they roam around your online store.

Besides that, chatbots can do the following because of their machine learning capabilities:

  • Track previous conversation threads
  • Recognize repeat visitors and buyers
  • Converse with visitors according to their historical engagement on your site
  • Gather data on customer’s site activities and pages visited
  • Recommend products and offers aligned with your customers’ interests, etc.

When implemented, these chatbot strategies can impress, please, and convince your customers to go for your sales offers.

When picking your chatbot provider, choose those that can deploy the technology in multiple channels. It should also allow you to customize your bot in several ways according to your brand and business needs.

Additionally, the bots should have dynamic and personalized product feed integrations and robust performance analytics.

Employ a sales-soaring, customer-winning site design now

Begin applying these and other website design tips to score more sales and paying customers for your store. Fortunately, these tips are not complicated. With a few tweaks in your site’s appearance, you can quickly turn around your business.

Additionally, invest in the best technologies to optimize your site performance, and remember to demonstrate your trustworthiness. In time, you’ll expand your customer base and increase your sales and conversions.

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