Announcing Strive: A Beautiful New Content Calendar Plugin for WordPress

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Today, I have a special announcement.

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a new plugin based on features I’ve always wanted in WordPress.

As long as I’ve been using WordPress, I’ve been regularly writing and publishing articles, and while I love WordPress, the tools provided often come up short.

I’ve always wanted a way to plan my posts that integrates seamlessly with WordPress. The issue with using external calendars is that your plan always gets out of sync with what’s actually happening on your site.

And that’s why I built Strive Content Calendar.

What is Strive?

At its core, Strive is an editorial calendar plugin for WordPress.

Strive Calendar

The calendar is integrated into your admin dashboard, so you can visualize and edit your publishing schedule without leaving your site.

Using Strive, you can easily create a content calendar in WordPress, and posts you schedule in the calendar are actually scheduled on your site.

You can add new posts, modify them via the quick edit links, and even reschedule posts with the simple drag-and-drop system.


You’ll notice from the screenshots that the posts are colored differently. These colors are based on the post statuses – another feature bundled in Strive.

Status Small

As you complete your posts, you can update the status easily from the editor sidebar.

Strive also lets you create custom checklists for your content creation process. The checklist you create shows up in the post editor sidebar so you can check off items as you work.

Checklist Small

The checklists will keep you and every other writer on your site perfectly organized.

Given the popularity of republishing these days, Strive also has a Revisions feature included.

Revision Small

With revisions, you get an exact replica of your published post you can work on privately. Even better, you can schedule your update to overwrite the original as if it was a new post.

And to top things off, Strive includes an additional view of your content to help you stay on track. This view is called the Pipeline.

Pipeline view

Since the calendar only shows scheduled and published posts, the Pipeline was added to give you an overview of all unpublished drafts. This is really handy for catching posts you forgot to schedule or noticing bottlenecks in your production.

Together, these tools give you everything you need to plan the perfect content schedule and stick to it.

I could go and on about all of the features and design choices in the plugin, but why don’t you just check it out for yourself?

Try the Strive plugin

Strive is available for download now and you can use it for an entire month for free if you try it out today.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.