The 12 Best WordPress Themes for Video (Vlogs & Community Uploads)

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“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

WordPress is the best platform for creating a video website.

Don’t believe me?

In this post, you’ll find beautiful templates designed for video websites, and that includes vlogs and full community upload websites.

These themes are responsive, so they look great on mobile devices, have customizable layouts, and include valuable monetization tools.

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WordPress Themes for Video

There are hundreds of themes available that will help you transform your WordPress website into a hub for video content, but these stand out as the finest.

Here are my top picks for best video WordPress themes for 2024.

  • 1. Pelicula by Edge Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Pelicula is an excellent choice for videographers, cinephiles, or anyone else interested in creating a premium video website. Unlike some other templates listed here that would work well for a site like Youtube or a vlog, Pelicular is especially well-suited as a theme for movies and directors.

    There are 13 demo sites showing off the wide range of styles available in this premium theme. The Qode Interactive page includes more screenshots and all of the demos. You can see how to create a gorgeous design for a film studio, video production crew, or film festival from these demo sites.

    Overall, Pelicula is a top-notch theme for presenting your movies and videos in a premium fashion.

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  • 2. VideoPro by CactusThemes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    VideoPro is an excellent theme for publishing videos. Its diverse layouts can showcase dozens of videos on a single page, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to make a video site like Youtube.

    VideoPro comes with a lot of different layouts both for the homepage and the video page itself. The screenshot above shows off just one of these designs, so make sure to visit the demo to see what else is possible with VideoPro.

    The VideoPro theme has many features, but the version 2.0 update is all about community. Visitors can register, create their own channels, and upload videos. With the BuddyPress integration, users can also message each other, and a full activity stream for each user is automatically published on their profile. A newer feature added to VideoPro is live streaming functionality, which gives members and visitors a great reason to return to your site.

    Hosting a video website could be costly, and that’s why VideoPro includes various ways to make money. You can insert ads and affiliate links, but even better is the membership option. You can charge members a recurring subscription for their base account or create a premium tier that your most dedicated users can sign up for.

    Overall, VideoPro is an awesome theme with an enormous amount of functionality for creating a video website.

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  • 3. VideoRev by Beeteam368 (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    VideoRev is another stylish theme for a video site and will work well for a community site as an individual publisher looking to create a website for their Youtube channel.

    If you check out the demo site, you’ll be amazed by all the layouts and components this theme includes. The homepage alone includes a huge variety of grids and galleries. This theme has been updated and improved over the years by its developers, and one of the best new changes is its full support for the Elementor page builder. Using Elementor, you’ll have an intuitive system for creating your own designs like the homepage featured in the screenshot above.

    What makes VideoRev even better is its compatibility with email list building plugins like Optin Panda and other third-party tools. For example, you can offload all user-uploaded videos to Amazon cloud storage, so you don’t have to pay your WordPress host a higher fee for the data storage.

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  • 4. VideoPress by PremiumPress


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    Theme Description

    Setup your own Video Community or Video training website with this popular WordPress theme.

    The VideoPress theme is easy to install and, unlike its competitors, doesn’t require additional plugins. The codebase is SEO-friendly, so the videos will rank well in search engines like Google.

    Some popular features in this video theme include memberships with multiple tiers, pricing tables, live chat and messaging, Elementor compatibility, and lots, lots more. There’s even a Youtube importer, making it easy to quickly populate your new site with excellent videos. Community members coming from Youtube to your platform are sure to appreciate this feature.

    Don’t miss out on the awesome functionality and flexibility of VideoPress. Click the link below to learn more and give it a try today.

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  • 5. True Mag by CactusThemes (Themeforest)

    True Mag

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    Theme Description

    True Mag is an extremely feature-rich theme for publishing video content. It’s great for sites that will frequently publish new videos, thanks to its magazine-style layout that can accommodate a ton of content.

    This video theme has a dark, slick vibe. You can list tons of videos using one of the many homepage layouts available. Each video has its own page where the video player is front-and-center. This theme isn’t just for you to publish videos, though. Visitors can add channels and upload their own videos, which means you can quickly grow your site into a large video community.

    Regarding features, True Mag has many built-in widgets, shortcodes, and a video ads plugin for monetizing the vids. It also comes bundled with Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, which makes the theme a great value.

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  • 6. Vlog by meks (Themeforest)

    Vlog video theme

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    Theme Description

    As its name implies, Vlog is a WordPress theme with an emphasis on video blogging. It uses a magazine-style layout with various interactive elements to create a functional and interesting website experience for your visitors.

    Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and more with the intuitive design tools. You can then group the videos into playlists like on Youtube.

    Vlog is extremely popular on Themeforest and has an astounding 4.97 rating from more than 200 reviews. It’s earned these high marks not just for its design quality and functionality but also for its developers’ top-notch customer service.

    Vlog is the perfect WordPress theme for those interested in video blogging, video tutorials, and viral video sharing.

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  • 7. Video by MyThemeShop

    Video theme

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    Theme Description

    The named “Video” theme by MyThemeShop is a clean and easy-to-navigate video theme.

    Video is well-designed and works well across phones, tablets, and laptops. While it has fewer layouts and features than some other themes listed here, it’s simpler to navigate and set up. It’s a great choice if you want to publish your own videos instead of building a community website.

    The Video theme comes with social sharing buttons, 4 different homepage layouts, like/dislike buttons, and more. It may have fewer features than other themes, but many options are bundled with this without requiring additional plugins. As a bonus, it’s WooCommerce compatible so that you can sell merchandise straight from your site. That also means it integrates well with WooCommerce video plugins.

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  • 8. VideoTube by PHP Face (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    VideoTube is another solid option for creating a video-based website.

    Embed or upload your videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, and more. VideoTube creates thumbnails automatically for each video added, and registered members can even submit their own videos for your review.

    Advanced widgets and customization options give you more control over the layouts to display videos in grid and list formats. It gets this customizability from its integration with the popular Video Composer plugin. Using this plugin, you can create your own page templates by simply dragging and dropping page elements into place and customizing from there. VideoTube also features a built-in “like” system, so your visitors know which videos are most popular and vote on the ones they like (or dislike).

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  • 9. VideoTouch by Upcode (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    VideoTouch is another great theme for building a video community site where visitors can sign up and upload their own videos. VideoTouch works with MP4 uploads, plus embeds via URL from Youtube and Vimeo.

    The design is clean and simple, making the videos easy to browse. The primary menu includes optional icons and supports mega menus so that you can place video thumbnails directly into the menu layout.

    Creating the exact look you desire is simple with the drag-and-drop plugin that comes included. Select the elements you want to add to the page and simply drag them into place—this is how video galleries and grids like the one you see in the screenshot above are created.

    VideoTouch also includes a good variety of customization options. Unlimited layouts, unlimited colors, and a fully responsive design are just the tip of the iceberg.

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  • 10. X Theme by Themeco (Themeforest)

    X Theme

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    Theme Description

    It’s hard to quickly show off the X theme because it includes four different customizable themes. This makes it one of the most customizable multipurpose themes ever made.

    This visually-impressive WordPress theme uses an app-like interface and its own “Cornerstone” page building plugin. Using the builder, you can create gorgeous pages with fresh typography, video backgrounds, and bright colors.

    Another selling point of the X theme is that it has its own set of custom-made add-ons. With these add-ons, you can do things like add Google Analytics, include Mailchimp email forms, enable and Facebook comments.

    If you want a highly customizable theme to showcase your videos or build a website for a movie, the X theme could be the perfect theme for your site.

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  • 11. SocialPlay by Theme Bazaar (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The SocialPlay WordPress theme is a great choice for creating a website that lets users upload video content. It works well as a video theme, but it can work well for a music-sharing or multimedia website since it also has an audio player.

    It’s a great-looking theme with flexible design options and a dark design, but that’s all totally customizable via the theme options panel.

    The best feature of this theme is its syncing, which works great with Soundcloud. You can automatically sync a Soundcloud playlist to include it on your site, and with the community features included, your members will love this for sharing their music.

    SocialPlay has a responsive design, so it looks just as good on phones as on laptops. Check it out on your mobile device before you buy so you can see it in action.

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  • 12. Snaptube by Cohhe (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Snaptube makes creating a visually-appealing website for videos easy.

    The theme employs a drag-and-drop system so you can customize your website to your personal preferences, and the three-click setup means you can get your site up and running in record time.

    Another highlight of Snaptube is its plugin compatibility. It works seamlessly with a wide variety of plugins, including:

    • WordPress Video Gallery
    • AdRotate
    • BuddyPress
    • And more

    The theme’s key features include mobile responsiveness, advanced customizability options, a multitude of advertising options, and retina readiness.

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Which video WordPress Theme is best?

If you need some final recommendations, here are some parting thoughts about these templates.

VideoPro earned the #1 placement because of its incredible functionality. There are tons of layouts, membership features, and effective monetization tools.

While there are many other excellent themes here, the one other I’ll highlight is Vlog. This is likely the best theme for you if you want to create a website for your own videos instead of a community site.

Thanks for browsing this collection of the best video WordPress themes. If you enjoyed it, please share it with someone else you think would like it too.

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Ben Sibley
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