Clive’s Betting Diary: Rinse and repeat

Hi, Clive here.

I’ve written an introduction to this betting diary feature which you will need to read first to make sense of the below. You can find it on the Bet Chat website by clicking this link.


A low quality week but one with a real highlight on the weekend courtesy of the Dublin Festival. I suspect this is part of the problem. It’s relatively poor quality all the way to Cheltenham now and it doesn’t do much for my tipsters who always seem to suffer with the crap.

Northern Monkey and Snowy in particular are much reduced in volume and winners seem to be few and far between. Typical of the week was Racecracker who can’t buy a winner at the moment. Sam made a profit but less than a point’s worth and was the pick of a poor bunch.

Saturday brought more grief. Sam 0/3, Snowy 0/3, Northern Monkey 0/7, Love 0/10, Racecracker 1/9. Total 1/32. Presumably that was because I said last week’s Saturday figures were hard to believe so the racing gods wanted to show me that it so clearly wasn’t!

Week figures/Year to date

SAM: +0.90/+6.11
SNOWY: -6.11/+90.31
NORTHERN MONKEY: -8.15/-11.64
LOVE: -6.45/-32.42
RACECRACKER: -12.9/-18.52

Clearly, the lower staked tipsters are currently outperforming the stars of the show.

Still in the boring times with Inside Man choosing to stay clear of the FA Cup. Seven bets, two of which were multis, one an Asian handicap push. Two wins rom the midweek but four losses for the weekend.

INSIDE MAN: -2.1/9.57


I had picks in three events, two televised. I didn’t notice this schedule until after I had checked progress on Sunday morning and found no prospect of even a place in the US or DP tours. I was however in the lead going into round four in the unwatchable Asian tour.

Hence, I followed the odds on bet365, popping back to the PC every half an hour or so. Harold Varner, my selection, went down from 3/1 to 1/3 before I had a shock when he moved to 6/1 with Bubba Watson at 1/6. Over to FlashScore to find that Watson had finished birdie eagle to take a two shot lead with the later starting Varner still with two to play. He birdied the first of these and then this happened.

A 92 foot tap in! 55/1.

Actually, the odds make little difference because Rainmaker stakes to make all winners about the same

RAINMAKER: +117.50/+95.81


A new tipster this week, Wadster. Bets of all types. He started me off with two 2 point bets for first set winners, one of which came in at 2/1 so I’m up after day one.

WADSTER: +2/+2

Cash balance

Another week of heavy losses, -£456.41 making -£1230.52 for the year. It’s going to be a long road back. One more week of unchanged staking before I will have to take action.